Thursday, January 7, 2016

"What if I have a friend that I can't see that I talk to?" "So, like an imaginary friend?"

Every few weeks I have to stock up the friendship bracelet string collection so the mass production of bracelets can continue. The best places to get string are Michael's or Hobby Lobby because they have the greatest variety of colors. Hools and I both picked out a bouquet of string tonight--- there's just so much potential right there. It's kind of wild that what we're holding in our hands can become what we're wearing on our wrists.

The Halkyards invited us over for dinner at their house tonight. While Todd grills the chicken, Mel makes the pesto pasta and vegetables and Maddie makes the salad. It's a real team effort. I love the way everyone in this family interacts with each other and they make me feel like part of the fam. We were pretty excited to have Big Cookie for dessert. It was the first time that Todd, Mel and Jack got to dig into the delicious goodness.

I checked on the progress of the apartment today and was happy to see some changes. The heaters are all out now and the walls have been patched where there had been water damage. Now we're waiting for the construction to finish, pain, floor repairs and cleaning. Still crossing our fingers for early next week. It's night #6 at the DeWolf house party.

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