Saturday, January 23, 2016

"What's the square root of 169? 13! Doesn't everyone know that?"

Once a month our leadership team gets together for a time we call Upper Room. I love getting to hang out with these people, drink coffee together, talk about leading kids well, following Jesus with passion and making time to build each other up. 

Today we got to do a cool activity that you might want to do too. You start with the 4 circle venn diagram filling in the outer circles. Then you go do steps 2-4 using the first circles as your guide. You wind up with your own John 10:10 version of "I came that they might have life and have it to the full."

These are my first circles that we worked on this morning. Eventually these circles turned into my statement, "As I enjoy, honor and love God, I come most alive when I'm sharing and creating relationships, communities and purposeful experiences." 

If you go through the steps and write your own life to the full verse I'd love to hear it!

Every year the Vigren family hosts an Ice Party when Geist Lake freezes over. They shovel off a rink of snow to uncover the ice below and then everyone plays hockey. I didn't skate up this year, but you better believe I still swung the hockey stick around and had a blast. 

Wyld Life Club returned tonight with a Mix Match Crazy night. One of the best moments was when Jake, Julia and Conner were trying to come up with math problems for the relay race. Are you smarter than a 7th grader?

We love these kids and welcoming them in every week. Marni and Reece are two of Trulock's biggest fans. I love hanging out with these 8th graders and my newest sevies I have in class.

Claire surprised Julia with one of the coolest friendship bracelets you've ever seen. This girl has got skills and the biggest heart.

We represent the most mix matched and craziest gals pals in the house tonight. So much awesome going on at once.

They call it Wyld Life for a reason.

Instead of just singing while reading the lyrics off a screen, we have a non stop dance party in the gym. It's one of my favorite parts of the night.

We pulled a toaster into the middle of the room and passed around one gross condiment (relish, tabasco sauce, worcestershire sauce) and one good condiment (nutella, grape jelly, apple butter).

When the toast popped up the kid holding the condiment had to spread it on a pice of toast and then eat it. Such a good time.

We love eating weird things for fun...

Then we had one of weirdest 4 x 4 relays that you've ever seen.
Phase 1: The runner ate 5 saltines and then whistled

Phase 2: The runner did a wall sit for 1 minute

Phase 3: The runners correctly completed a sheet of match problems

Phase 4: Each runner chugged a can of pop

We circled back up for the last game of the night. We had pre-made two giant saran wrap balls that had candy rolled into each layer.

Each person had about 5 seconds to unwrap as much candy as possible before the next person in the circle got their turn. It was like a rolling piƱata of candy and fun.

Instead of a regular raffle prize tonight we hid 3 raffle prizes in the barns with signs on them that read, "This is a raffle prize." Kids just ran around the barn to find the very sneakily hidden prizes.

We danced one more time to Hello by Adele and J Bieb's Boyfriend. Alex Craig knows what's up and she can belt it out with the best of them.

Tonight KCraig gave the club talk and I was so struck with how she shared the gospel with our kids. She talks about God's acceptance, his love and his faith in us with such genuine love. She tells us over and over that her faith is the most important thing in her life and that passion is contagious. I love that we get to walk on this journey together.

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