Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Wait, do you know them? They're Christians. I just feel like you know all the Christians."

Once upon a time I decided to do Bop To The Top with the Andritsch family and Team Luke. I thought climbing 36 flights of stairs in the One America building would be a blast. Little did I know, I'd get to the top and feel like I was getting a heart attack. The next year I made it to the top and felt like I was going to vomit for the next 30 minutes. This year I was determined to bop right up to the top with flying colors. 

I got to bring Sarah Woodward, Maddie, Cecilia and Hools downtown to Bop this year. Cecilia originally thought that we'd be watching High School Musical but this is a whole lot better. We jumped right into the fun with the whole Team Luke family.

Grace and Fudge are two of my favorite sisters and two of my favorite humans. I'm thankful that their family has invited me to do life with them-- in bible studies, 5ks, Bop to the Top, movie nights, dinner dates, church, service projects. I love these girls.

Our little crew was ready to bop.

Everyone lines up downstairs and then we're released into the stairwell every 30 seconds to keep everyone spaced out. I took off with my water bottle and my music. I had a new strategy. At floor 10 I took a 30 second break even though I wasn't too tired yet. Then every 5 flights of stairs I took another 30 second break. Each time my heart rate went down a little and my legs returned to normal. I got to see Fudgie when she passed me on the stairs and then Grace, Elle and Chaise went by crawling up the steps. 

I made it to the top and felt completely fine! It was amazing! No heart attack, no vomiting. It was fantastic. 

One of the best Andritsch traditions for Bop To The Top is having everyone eat lunch together at Le Peep across the street after the climb. It was delicious, fun and so very entertaining. It was the best kind of morning.

This weekend Katie Giovani and Sofia Rhode drove over from Peoria, IL to stay with Emily Swanton. All three girls were in Session 3 CILTs this past summer with Hools and me. We met them downtown to eat dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. My goodness-- these girls are some of the greats. Last month we got to hang out at the CILT reunion at Tecumseh and I'm thrilled to be reunited again so soon.

We walked two blocks over to get a picture on one of the Indy signs. Sofia and Katie G told us that taking a picture by the bean in Chicago is like taking one of these pictures in Indiana.

Since we were being touristy, we took the girls to Sub Zero where they make ice-cream with liquid nitrogen. Remember when Dippin' Dots said they were the ice-cream of the future? Well the future has arrived. 

I loved getting to spend the night hanging out with Katie G, Emily, Hools and Sofia because of their fun and the way they love each other so well. 

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