Monday, January 4, 2016

"You're going to turn into a cheez-it."

Highs of the Day:

  1. Seeing teacher friends back at school and going to lunch with Jeannie and Jan
  2. Being super productive in my classroom and feeling ready for this new semester of kids
  3. Getting a visit from Genna and Gavin-- and watching them play a game of baseball with just the two of them
  4. Going to the movies with Hools
  5. Janelle found "A Guide To Being Sarah Wright" that Lucy had made a few years ago 
  6. Finding my two-word purpose with Janelle and Julia
  7. Battling Maddie and Cecilia in steps--the challenge is back

At a conference Janelle attended she went through a really cool process to find her two word purpose. She made copies of the original sheet so that we could all try it tonight. It works like a March Madness bracket-- look at the pairs on either side of the paper and pick the one that resonates most with you. Then you go through the columns again but there are new match-ups with the words you picked last time. Eventually your final words from the left and right match up and you pick your two word purpose. You could do it right now on a piece of paper and just write down the numbers.

Janelle-- Bringing Light
Julia- Inspiring Joy
Sarah- Celebrating Life

I just love it. It helps so much to have words that can be your guide, that you can live into. I would love to have CILTs go through this process next summer. I wonder what two words you'll end up with.

It's Day 3 in the Dewolf house and life is good. The latest update is that construction will start tomorrow or Wednesday. Cross your fingers for me!

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