Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Sarah Interview

Imagine you're sitting in a laundry room because there is a raging tornado outside, in your final moments you get to make one last facebook status. What is it?

Briggs: I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott: I changed my mind, I do believe in tornadoes.
Wright: Live. Laugh. Love. 4 Life.

If you could only eat one thing forever and ever and ever what would it be?

Wright: Pepperoni pizza and Diet Coke. Easily.
Scott: Fruit salad and Diet Coke. I LOVE fruit salad.
Briggs: Tacos

If you had to do college over, totally differently what would you do?

Scott: I'm going to be a ninja and major in ninja-ing. I could be a camp ninja.
Wright: I'd create my own major so I could be a full-time camp counselor, author, artist, and youth pastor all at the very same time.
Briggs: I would go to a different school and be a photographer.

What's a book everyone should read and a movie everyone should watch?

Wright: Cold Tangerines and Soul Surfer
Briggs: Love Story and From Justin to Kelly
Scott: The History of Love and Baby Mama

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  1. this is great.. im just really disappointed no one said harry potter.