Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"En is drowning!"

On my way home from school today I got some new Nike shorts. Now I'm officially ready for camp. 11 more school days. Then my friend Michelle told me she was at Carmel High School even though I thought she was at camp. So of course I met up with her, Molly, and Ellyn.... funny how none of us currently go there. It was great.

I talked with Sarah Mooney, Mags, and Mary Claire today and all of them made me so excited for this summer. I can't wait to see the three of them be counselors for the first time. Their campers will be lucky.

Annie invited Sar, MaryEllen and I over for a summer dinner tonight.

I love getting to sit and talk with them. I love that Linda, Maddy, and Kelsey come over from next door. I love having Ky and Nick run around the house.

Tonight I learned that the brunette Ken is named En, that Nick can survive a bike fall, Raelyn really doesn't like rice cereal, Maddy was funny when she was little, Sar is really ready to be a mom, MaryEllen is pumped about having a Larry in her class, and Annie and Linda are really good at being sisters and best friends.

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