Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sarah (Scott)

I love that I got to play with Sarah Scott today because she is home from medical school for a bit.
I love that we got to road trip today because it's perfect for intentional conversation.

I love that Sarah couldn't get over how flat Indiana is. It's just so flat. You can see everything. Really, it's so flat.

I love that even though it was raining we walked/drove around camp to see the sights- the absence of the OC, the new DC pavilion, closing campfire, the Yurt, lake road, LV chapel, a salute to Teton, and Omaha.

Sarah Scott really loves Camp T. I love getting to talk about the years we were on staff together- all-camp serenades, stealing vacuum cleaners, snow cone machines, campers we still think are so great, and how we got to live the dream in Teton together.

One of Sarah's two goals for the trip was to stalk Kraft.  She's not ashamed, wait, should she be ashamed? But we found him and went to dinner with all the camp boys again. And then we got ice-cream but that's just what we do.

It started down pouring so we ducked into a Game store where we proceeded to hang out and ask questions from the back of game boxes and attempt to make funnel clouds and find things in a scrambled tube for awhile. There was a Dungeons and Dragons meeting going on in the back. Eric was enthralled.

I just really like hanging out with all of these people. Everyone should be so lucky to have friends that are really fun and kind of weird and generally positive and willing to do fun stuff most of the time.

I love that we played "Truth" on the way back to Indy. I think my YL girls in MI made it up on a Fall Weekend years ago- you just ask a question and then everyone has to answer it. Pretty simple. But tonight Sarah and I got to talk about real stuff and I loved it. She also told me I should start doing interviews on the blog- I think that's a great idea.

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  1. Jordan, Eric... I keep one of those scrambled tubes on the bottom shelf in my office. Help yourself! :)