Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good thing the world didn't end today.

Anime has never been an interest of mine, but it's very popular with many of my students. As a group of girls was drawing characters and discussing anime stories on Thursday I asked them to draw me as an anime. What do you know, they did it! Friday morning one of my girls walked in first thing with these two pictures. The one on the left is a chibi- a small version of a person, not to be confused with a midget. The one on the right is an anime person.

After school I went on a run with Allison. It was so hot out but fun to have a running buddy and talk as we went. Then she helped me figure out the intense friendship bracelet that stumped the FBC yesterday. As she worked I read her some of my camp chapters. Allison has never gone to Camp T and doesn't know all the lingo so it was helpful for me to hear her reactions and thoughts.

Sar got home and all three of us went to Noodles. We were enjoying eating outside when we spontaneously decided to go to the movies. We had to leave right away to catch the show so we threw our dinner in to-go boxes and ran to the car.  It was such an adventure.

Early this morning I drove to Fishers to run with Team Luke in the Geist Lake 5k. One of my students invited me to run with her and I was thrilled to be a part of this event. I met these girls before the start line, everyone was energized for the race and wanted to stick together.

This race, both a 1/2 marathon and 5k, is only a few years old. After watching the Indy 1/2 marathon a couple weeks ago I was so excited to be in the race today. I loved spotting students, a CILT from this past summer, and two future CILTs in the crowd.

There weren't as many costumes today but this gladiator was pretty great.

Running the race reminded me of weaving through the crowds at Disney World when I was little. We dodged through the crowds and the miles flew by. Running the bridge across the lake was our last leg of the race.

After the race we hung out at the Team Luke tent which had a drum circle, foot massages, Panera and Noodles, and a live band. I loved getting to interact with these families and kids.

We finished the race! I love being a teacher in the classroom but I'm so thankful for opportunities like this morning when I can interact with these kids outside of school and be more Sarah than Miss Wright.

Tonight I got to have a movie date with Niki and see Something Borrowed. I think I liked it... I know I liked hanging out with Niki and getting to spend time together before she heads off on her French adventure for the summer.

We met Ellie, Lizzie, and Marie for dinner. They're all home from college for the summer and we talked about the adventures that we want to have in the next few months. We sat outside of Orange Leaf eating frozen yogurt as the sun went down and it felt like summer had arrived. Just a few more days right?

Then tonight one of my very best friends from college got engaged! I'm so excited for her and this next chapter in her life.

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