Monday, May 23, 2011

"Ok, your mission is to take a picture with a neighbor you don't know."

Today I couldn't believe it was the last Monday of the school year. "But that's sad," one of my students told me, "I'm gong to miss coming to school."

Today I got to write and reminisce about old camp memories that happened with Weeds and Sarah Scott.

Today I laughed with 7th graders and made up challenges just for fun.

Today I talked with some of my favorite people about everything from Nike shorts to Tecumseh footwear, and lime green cubicles to how flat Indiana is. I wish there was more time in the day so these conversations could last longer.

Today I found out that one of my old campers just got hired to be resident counselor at Tecumseh this summer. She is going to be fantastic.

Today I listened at my students' orchestra concert. I was incredibly impressed by a student that composed the featured song. Composed it. All of it. For a whole orchestra. He's in 8th grade. Amazing.

Today I was chosen as a "Teacher that Made A Difference" by three of my old students. They had written a bit about me and I wrote about each of them. I was so honored to be picked. It was a moment that made me feel like a real teacher. It is strange to think that I have become the Mrs. Long, Mrs. Deckard, and Mrs. Brettnacher of my own life for kids from my classroom.

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