Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Man, we're good at Saturday nights."

I woke up this morning and made a list of all sorts of things that I wanted to get done. I love when my to-do list is full of really fun tasks.

-Make my "All About Me" sign for my cabin this summer
-Collage Nat's journal
-Write a collage letter for my friend
-Make a Cold Tangerines promo for Mom
-Finish a friendship bracelet
-Write a camp chapter
-Blog about yesterday

I'm almost done, only a camp chapter to go. I like being productive.

Tonight I went to Mass with Alli Kenney. I've never been before and it was really cool to experience while Alli kept whispering what was going on so I would understand why the priest was throwing water and when we needed to stand up next.

I grew up at Delphi United Methodist Church, sang in the Green Cathedral in the summers, worshipped in Africa, attended Mars Hill in Michigan, and prayed in Dimnent at Hope. Isn't it awesome that God can be experienced everywhere? There are so many different ways to connect with God and I don't think there are really any rules about the right way to do this. For some people it's going to Mass and listening to the homily. For somebody else it's talking with a group of friends in Campaigners or devotions. And maybe it's just finding time to pray, read, and be still in the quiet of their room.

I got to eat dinner at Steak n' Shake with Sar tonight. We're good at just hanging out and not doing anything special but it's always fun. So we crafted and drank Diet Coke and went to a grad party and we're watching a movie and we get to do more hanging out all weekend which is really great because this is our last week as roommates. Sad. So for today, I'll take a deep breath (because taking deep breaths help you remember moments) and be thankful that right now I get to live with one of my very best friends.

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